How it works

Brosix Affiliate Program is free to join and highly rewarding

If you are a website owner, blogger or a representative of a recognized online publication or software online store, you may be interested in monetizing your website traffic with the Brosix Associate program.

Our affiliates monetize their traffic by offering the Brosix instant messenger application to their audience by referring users to register for a paid subscription plan. Affiliates generate sales and in return receive a commission when the user becomes a paying customer.

Monitor Conversions

By assigning a unique partner ID, Brosix is able to keep a strict record as to track every paid transaction.

Brosix is award winning software platform that attracts interest from many in the technology field. Its full package of instant messaging features is a need for innovative companies that want to improve the security and efficiency of internal communication.

Brosix monthly payment plans are among the most competitive in the field. Brosix is available for use on multiple platforms and in various languages, which makes it appropriate for global distribution and usage.

Creative Library

You can choose from a variety of creative assets in all popular sizes, as well as video in the most common languages.
Let us know what creative you need and we will prepare it for you.
The only thing you need to do is to integrate the partner link, which we will customize for your web property.

Brosix Affiliate Web Panel

You can follow the behavior of your traffic through the Brosix affiliate web panel.

To register for the Brosix Affiliate Program, fill the Registration form and register with your web property, contact information and PayPal ID. Also, describe the type of media you represent and the creative assets you require to get started.

To be approved for inclusion in the Brosix Affiliate program, you need an active website, blog, social profile, and a PayPal account

Utilize your web property!

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